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1. Introduction and Where are the FAQs?

Subject: 1. Introduction and Where are the FAQs?

This FAQ is a collection of excerpts from past postings to rec.food.sourdough. They answer frequently asked questions.

The objective of this FAQ is not to duplicate information that is easily available in the several excellent FAQs; Starter Doctor FAQ, basicbread FAQ, and sourdough Recipes FAQ and other archived information already in existence at the unc archive site pointed to and hot linked by URL;


This URL also has additional information on starter sources and a growing number of links to resources other than the archive site.

If you are using an ftp client the ftp archive site only is located at; 'sunSITE.unc.edu' path pub/academic/agriculture/rural-skills/food/sourdough/.

FTP appears quite limited in number of connections permitted so I recommend using the http server at unc pointed to by

http://www.nyx.net/~dgreenw/sourdoughfaqs.html if you can. CarlsFriends page.

A hypertext copy of the latest version of this FAQ is at URL;

http://www.nyx.net/~dgreenw/sourdoughqa.html CarlsFriends page.

In addition to being posted in rec.food.sourdough, rec.answers, and news.answers monthly this faq, along with the other 3 regularly posted FAQs, is also archived at rtfm.mit.edu ( in the directory


as 'faq', 'starters', 'basicbread' and 'recipes'. This is useful if you do not have web access: the rtfm.mit.edu archival site permits both ftp and email retrieval of these files.

To obtain these faqs, first try ftp to rtfm.mit.edu and look under that directory.

If ftp does not work from your site, then try the mail server: send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with one or more of the following lines in the body of the message:

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/faq

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/starters

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/basicbread

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/recipes

Contributions to this FAQ gratefully received.

Authors are noted in the last section (99). The authors' first names are at the end of each of their contributions.


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