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99. Authors

Subject: 99. Authors

Dick -Dick Adams -- dick.adams (at) att.net

David -David Auerbach -- auerbach (at) unity.ncsu.edu

Mike -Mike Avery -- http://www.sourdoughhome.com

Beth -Beth -- housewolf (at) hotmail.com

Troy -Troy Boutte -- tboutte (at) delphi.com

Michael -Michael Ganzle -- michael.gaenzle (at) blm.tu-muenchen.de

Carl -Carl Griffith -- (deceased)

Dave -Dave J. -- thebakery (at) worldnet.att.net

George -George Kavanagh -- GK05 (at) earthlink.net

Sam -Sam Kinsey -- slkinsey (at) aol.com

Andreas -Andreas Krueger -- andreas.krueger (at) neuss.netsurf.de

Matt -Matt -- mel63 (at) capital.net

Reinald -Reinald S. Nielsen -- n984652 (at) hypernet.com

Jeff -Jeff Renner -- jsrenner (at) umich.edu

Roland -Roland Salandha -- rsaldanh (at) magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

Dan -Dan Wing -- wagons (at) sover.net

Jonathon -Jonathan Youngman -- jonathan (at) west.net

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