From: "Joe E. Duke" {}
Subject: Carl's Sourdough Starter
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 23:04:27 -0500

I was extremely pleased to find your site and discover that you were making Mr. Griffith's starter available. I was however saddened to learn that he had passed away.

I had obtained some of his starter several years ago and used it to bake many fine loaves of sourdough. But I was traveling a great deal and my start did not survive the extended neglect. I have just prepared a SASE to obtain some more of the starter.

Attached are a couple of pictures you might want to post on your site. I used the starter for baking truly large loaves of bread in a 16 inch dutch oven. The attached pictures are of one of these loaves. The loaf takes about 13 to 14 cups of flour so is really the size of four loaves of bread. It is baked in the 16 inch dutch oven using charcoal and makes a very good bread. As you can see, it rises quite well.

I make a sponge at least 24 hours ahead using a full cup of active starter, all the necessary liquid, and about 5 cups of flour. Early the day of baking, I then add the remainder of the flour and shortening and knead the entire loaf. I usually knead it 400 to 500 strokes, letting it rest every 100 strokes. This is a very good workout. But the results are worthwhile.

Joe Duke