Basic Plain Sourdough risen in the Brotform/ Banneton

Joan's Banneton Loaf, 12329 bytes

The basket is used only for rising (not baking) to produce a characteristic pattern with good crust (chewy) texture. The insides of the bread are moist and soft with nice lacey holes. Whole grains or firm doughs work best. Over risen or soft doughs may deflate when inverted from the form!

The basket is expensive (about $30) and not really necessary for most bakers. These may be purchased from online baking catalogs (such as King Arthur Flour) and are often found at specialty kitchen and baking stores.

Tip: Some bakers use cheap plastic or wood baskets optionally lined with a floured linen cloth for rising which may work just as well.

For the bread recipe, I used Carl’s Starter and a simple, basic white sourdough recipe.

Details for this loaf

Joan Ross 2MAR2002