Lucy Bakes French Baguettes with Carl's

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I used Carl's Starter to make these French Baguettes. The ingredients: Carl's starter refreshed with water and unbleached white King
Arthur Flour. Then I used King Arthur Unbleached white bread flour, water, about and 1/8 to 1/4 cup of freshly ground rye flour, a tsp
to a tbsp of barley malt flour, celtic or 'real' sea salt. Before putting it in the oven I dusted the loaves with rice flour then made slashes
with a serrated tomato knife with the blade nearly flat as I made 3 slashes. I placed a low pan of water on the oven rack lower than the
bread baking rack. I proofed & baked the loaves on 'goldtouch' perforated (double) french bread pan and placed that on a cookie
sheet pan. I preheated the oven to 505 degrees for the first 12-15 mins then lowered it to 425 for the rest of the baking time of 30
min. or so. I sprayed the loaves with water before closing the oven door at the start of baking. The bread was baked 24 hours.
after removing the starter from the fridge and refreshing. -Lucy 8APR2011