Lucy bakes French sourdough loaves with Carl's

Carlos explains about low-knead hand-mixed sourdough (PDF file)(waiting for photos)

Jim makes his point about no-knead.

Carlos explains Frugal Culture Management (Oops, no photos yet.)

Eva's Rustic Loaf

Ron Anderson's SFSD Loaves

Marty's Pullman Loaves

Bob Drake's Alaskan loaves

Gene bakes Ruth's Oatmeal Bread

Wayne's brown top panbread

An interesting photo sequence by Rob Gardner

Frugal culture management by Dick Adams

Dick Adams' Billowy Sourdough Loaves

From Samartha, the whole show, and after that, some more even.

"Carlos" describes baking an artisanal loaf in a flower pot.

Joan's banneton loaf show and tell.

Recipe for panbread with photo.

A photo of two loaves by Dick Adams.

Very large loaf, submitted by Joe Duke.

More bread photos from Joan Ross.

Folksy recipes transcribed from the Herter Catalog by Paul Skiff.

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